Available with or without a suitcase:

Decent Barista Kit

All our best-selling products in one beautiful suitcase.

Barista Kit Without Suitcase

Save money if you don't need to travel with all your kit.

Please indicate what tamper type you want in your notes when you check out.
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Everything you need to make amazing espresso.

Designed with authority

Coffee author and guru Scott Rao led the choice, specification and design of each part.

Top Baristas weighed in

A private group of 23 top baristas, including two world champions, discussed and evaluated each component.

A Unique Gift

Everything in the Barista Kit has been developed by us, and is exclusively sold on this web site.

Gain an edge

If you're a competing barista, the first impression you make is crucial. Intimidate the other contestants as you enter the room, black suitcase in hand.

The Best of Everything

Each object in the Barista Kit represents significant innovation and is top of class in its category.

Cost savings

Purchased separately, the components are more expensive and don't include the custom made suitcase.

The Barista Kit Contains:


25lbs of perfectly calibrated tamping pressure, every time. Mated to our basket, like a precise piston. If you want the small hands version, or the grooved tamper base, indicate so in your Notes when you check out.

Milk Jug

Precise internal measurement lines mean no milk waste and better foam quality in the cup. Two milk jugs (350ml and 600ml) are included, with the competition spout. If you want the classic spout, indicate so in your Notes when you check out.

Four baskets

Microscope tested and precision machined for even water flow under pressure. An incredible 0.05mm accuracy fit with our tamper. Four baskets included for 15g, 18g, 20g and 22g doses.

Portafilter funnel

Essential for accurate dosing, so that no grounds spill out of the basket during grinding. Sits on the outside of the basket to avoid affecting the coffee bed and so you can tamp right through the funnel.

Espresso drinking glasses

Two beautiful, minimalist double-walled espresso glasses. Perfect for small drinks, such as a double espresso or a macchiato. Ultra strong borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. Intentionally logo free.

Milk Thermometer

Helps you steam milk to the perfect temperature, as well as to help you achieve glossy, creamy microfoam.

Simple scale

A simple 0.1g accurate ultra compact scale, suitable for weighing your coffee dose, your espresso while it's being made, and more. Decigram accurate, 2kg max, and vibration isolated. 1.4cm x 10cm x 14cm.

Tamping Cradle

A level, safe and secure place to tamp. Avoid injury from slipping. Holds your tamper when it's not being used.

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