An essential tool for properly prepared espresso grounds

Available individually or as part of a kit:

Portafilter Funnel

Helps you get your grinds into your portafilter accurately and without a mess.

Barista Kit

Our best-selling products in one suitcase. Designed by coffee guru Scott Rao and 23 top baristas. Everything for amazing espresso.

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Why do you need a portafilter funnel?

Prevents waste and mess

Ground coffee often misses the basket or spills over, causing a mess and wasting beans.

Enables over-dosing

This involves grinding more coffee than will fit untamped in your basket and can improve espresso flavor.

Weiss Distribution Technique

In order to use WDT to break up clumps in your coffee, you need a funnel to prevent spilling.

Weighing while grinding

If you are weighing your dose while grinding, you need a funnel to keep grinds from falling to the side and prevent the coffee mound from tipping out, which would give you a false weight.

Grinds don't stick

Oil from the coffee grinds makes them sticky. That's why we coated our funnel and used the mathematically optimum "Brachistochrone curve" to shape the inside.

Sits steady without gadgets

The thick metal of the funnel gives it enough weight to sit stably on the basket, even when shaking the grounds. No need for clips, springs or other gadgets that complicate use.

No coffee-free gap

Unlike most funnels, ours sits on the outside rim and doesn't cause a grind-free gap which promotes channeling.

Easy to lift

The outside curve of the funnel is finger shaped to make it easy to lift out with minimal effort.

Adds 22 millimeters of height to your portafilter.

Tamp through

The inside diameter of the funnel is exactly the same as your basket, permitting you to tamp with the funnel still on.

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