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Minimalist glassware engineered for coffee pleasure


For espresso or piccolo latte.
[ 100ml / 3.5oz ]


The unique shape opens up wide to let your milk jug enter deeply into the glass. This makes latte art significantly easier to do.
[ 200ml / 7oz ]

Discontinued: no longer available


Conceived for espresso

Each glass shape was designed for a specific espresso drink. Enjoy your beverage at its best.

Dishwasher safe

A testing laboratory certified it. Our experience with restaurants confirms it.

Lifetime Guarantee

If the vacuum seal ever breaks, email us a photograph and we will replace your glass for free.

Vacuum Insulated

After removing the air between the glass layers, our glass maker seals the blow hole with a drop of dishwasher safe glue. No rubber plug, unlike other brands.

Hand-made uniqueness

Like the finest wine glasses, our glass is hand blown. The human craftsmanship shows as each glass is slightly different and more beautiful for it.

Thin walls

Hand blown glass has thinner walls than factory-moulded glass. It's lighter in the hand, delicate and elegant. Borosilicate (pyrex) glass means it's strong.

Ceramic cools drinks

A typical preheated ceramic cup will cool your drink by about 15°C (30°F).

Warmer drinks

Our vacuum insulated glass (even when not preheated) only cools a medium latte by 4°C (8°F).

Tastier milk drinks

Preserve your milk's fresh taste by heating it less, avoiding unpleasant cooked milk flavors.

Logo free

Do you want to stare at a brand name while finishing your morning coffee? Our glasses are intentionally free of any branding.

Swirling Friendly

Just as brandy releases its aroma when swirled, so does espresso. We mostly taste with our nose, so we intentionally left space for your drink to be gently swirled.

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