Holds your portafilter while you weigh the coffee dose.

Portafilter Stand

Holds your espresso portafilter on a scale so that you can easily weigh the coffee dose.

Slightly imperfect portafilter stands are also available on sale.
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Why buy our portafilter stand?


Over 18 design iterations were needed to settle on this straightforward shape which works reliably and without effort. Two pieces of 3M double-sided foam tape are included.

Light and small

Made from strong yet light aluminum, so as to not compromise your scale's accuracy. With a portafilter mounted on it, the bottomless stand measures 4.6cm (1.8") in height, while the standard stand measures 7.5cm (2.95").


Works with virtually all 58mm standard portafilters. Note: the "wings" on your portafilter need to be 90° angled from the handle, not rotated sideways.

Our stand also works with our scale and funnel to weigh during grinding.

Pictured above: Mazzer Mini grinder with simple scale and funnel.
Niche grinder with bottomless portafilter stand and funnel.

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