An elegant wood-handled espresso portafilter.


Our wood handled portafilter holds your coffee basket while you make espresso.

Portafilter handle (natural finish)

Group head handle (natural finish)

portafilter funnel

Replacement Portafilter Spring

A replacement spring for your portafilter. This model has a gentle grasp on the basket which makes it easy to insert and remove the basket from the portafilter.

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Why buy our portafilter?

Wood handle

Made from durable ash wood, it feels organic, cool and pleasant in the hand. The portafilter body is made from cast and polished stainless steel.

Organic shape

The curves of our handle are like none other, unitying beauty and functionality.


Follows the 58mm standard, working on E61 compatible and Decent Espresso machines.

Unfortunately, our current portafilters do not work with La Marzocco or Breville espresso machines.

Note: our coffee baskets are sold separately and are not included with our portafilters.

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