DE1PRO : the option for heavier use

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Commercial Use

We've upgraded the internal components so that you can make thousands of shots, with rock solid consistency and reliability.

Water Mains Plumbable

Optionally connect directly to a pressurized water supply with the Plumbing Kit.

Water tank plumbable

Optionally connect directly to a non-pressurized water tank with the Catering Kit.

Draining drip tray

Optionally plumb your drip tray with our Drain Kit.

Long Life

Our 'Professional use' models are rated to 200,000 shots, whereas our DE1+ model is rated to 10,000 shots.

Dual personality

Can be used both plumbed in or stand-alone. The Refill kit is available at a low bundled cost.

Refill kit

Front panel

Made from mirrored steel, with a built in angled lip. You can watch your espresso pouring while standing. When using a bottomless portafilter, this lets you easily assess the quality of your espresso shot.

portafilter funnel

Business Features


You can inexpensively add machines to your lineup, increasing your capacity without the huge initial investment that traditional multigroup espresso machines demand.


Worldwide support

We sell to and support our customers directly. Any problems? You're talking to the manufacturer and we will make it right.

Happiness Guaranteed

We stand by our professional customers and will expedite replacements to you if you should ever have any reliability problems.

Extended Warranty

Guaranteed to 200,000 espresso shots.

You're Less Vulnerable

When you buy a traditional multiple group machine, if it breaks you are out of commission. Multiple single group cost significantly less than a multi-group machine, and each machine is totally self contained. One machine down means you can still run your business.

Shower screen

Competition grade, for a totally even water distribution, with fewer fast-flowing spots which can cause channeling.

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