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Professional steam wand

This steam wand follows the curves of professional espresso machines. The extra long design enables faster movement of the milk jug into, and out of, the steam wand. You will also find it easier to do hands-free steaming with this design. Larger milk jugs, such as those for 1 liter of milk, are easily accomodated.

This steam wand must be installed by customers themselves, on their own machines. We will provide instructions. You will need two large wrenches. Switching steam wands takes about 10 minutes of work and is not difficult.

Your espresso machine will no longer fit inside its suitcase, once the pro steam wand has been installed. You can put the standard steam wand back on, if you want to put the espresso machine back in a suitcase.

Pro steam wand

Easier and more professional steaming. Available for the DE1+ and DE1PRO.

Natural wood handles

The handles are available in a natural wood finish. Each ends in a 10mm bolt. You can unscrew the black handles and replace them with these clear handles.

Replacement black handles are also available.
Black handles

Group head handle (natural finish)

Portafilter handle (natural finish)