Espresso Machine Software Downloads


These programs will help you feel what it would be like to own a Decent Espresso Machine.

These programs also make it easier for people to develop their own extensions, skins and translations.

For Windows

  1. Unzip to its own directory
  2. Double-click on DE1PLUS.bat

For MacOS

  1. Move the DE1+ icon to your Desktop
  2. Double-click on the DE1+ icon

For Linux

  1. Unzip to its own directory
  2. Run the script for your Linux version
  3. For Linux/32bit, Linux/64bit, and Linux/64bit/Wayland

Also available: source code

  1. Run ./de1plus.tcl
  2. You will need a working copy of Tcl/Tk, Androwish, Undroidwish, or ActiveTcl.

For Android

  1. Download the DE1+ software to your computer
  2. Unzip to its own directory
  3. Use Android File Transfer to copy the de1plus directory to /sdcard/de1plus
  4. Download the Androwish APK file to your Android tablet and install it.
  5. Run Androwish on your Android tablet.
    1. With your finger chose File/Source...
    2. Use your finger to choose the /sdcard/de1plus directory
    3. Use your finger to double-tap create_de1plus_icon.tcl
  6. Wait. Androwish will exit.
  7. Double-tap the DE1+ icon that is now on your Android desktop.