The Decent Espresso Machine comes in 3 models:


For your home.


For serious home baristas, roasters and restaurants.


For making coffee in public.

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We design and manufacture our own coffee accessories:

Calibrated Tamper

Perfectly vertical tamps. Minimize muscle strain and improve drink consistency.

Micrometer Accurate Basket

Microscope tested for perfectly even water flow under 9 bar of water pressure. Engineered to fit our tamper.

Digital Milk Thermometer

Beeps when you reach perfect milk temperature, resets automatically. Single-click warm/normal/hot milk presets.

Precision Milk Jugs

"By far the most precise and straight I've poured with. Incredible."
- 3x Latte Art World Champion Cabell Tice

Tamping Cradle

A level, safe and secure place to tamp. Avoid injury from slipping. Holds your tamper when it's not being used. Promotes proper tamping.

Portafilter Funnel

Keep your coffee grinds from spilling out. Stainless steel so it stays in place. Teflon prevents sticking.

Authoritative Books

A body of knowledge from Scott Rao and James Hoffmann, two of the world's top 3 coffee experts.


Our professional grade espresso coffee grinder comes integrated with our Doser. The only professional grinder now shipping with real-time weighing.

Espresso Glass

Beautiful, minimalist double-walled glasses. Engineered for specific coffee drinks. Hand blown, strong borosilicate glass. Logo free.

Espresso Scales

Several 0.1g accurate scales made specifically for espresso.

Classic Milk Thermometer

Simple, reliable, beautiful. Silicone covered for elegant durability. Only available in Fahrenheit.


An essential tool for removing your spent coffee puck after making an espresso shot.


Our wood handled portafilter holds your coffee basket, and works with all E61 standard espresso machines

Portafilter Stand

Holds your espresso portafilter on a scale so that you can easily weigh the coffee dose.

Barista Kit

Our best-selling products in one suitcase. Designed by coffee guru Scott Rao and 23 top baristas. Everything for amazing espresso.

Tamping Kit

Everything you need to tamp espresso perfectly, all in one suitcase.