Authoritative books about coffee

A body of knowledge from the world's top coffee experts.

Author, trainer, product and café designer Scott Rao is universally recognized as one of the top 3 world authorities on coffee, along with Matt Perger and James Hoffman. Scott's writing style is precise and to the point. Each book is less than 100 pages, so that you can quickly move onto practicing what you've learnt. Each book is hard cover bound and printed in full color on heavy stock paper.

Books by Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown first made his mark with a groundbreaking green-coffee buying program at Ritual Roasters. He then established coffee programs at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Tonx, Virmax and more. Scott Rao was impressed by Brown's talent, and helped bring this book to Decent Espresso.

Poster: from farm to cup

A guide to sourcing green coffee

If you roast coffee beans, you need this book.

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Poster: coffee processing methods

Poster: coffee processing methods

Learn what happens to a coffee bean as it leaves the farm and eventually arrives at your roastery. Measures 58 x 82 cm (23 x 33 inches).

Books by James Hoffmann

James Hoffmann is the 2007 World Barista Champion, founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London, and author of the influencial Jim Seven coffee web site.

Best of James Hoffmann

Best of James Hoffmann

11 years of incredibly insightful writing about coffee. This is the only printing: once sold out, we cannot get more copies.

Books by Scott Rao

Scott Rao is the foremost coffee, roasting and cafe consulting authority.

Scott Rao book: Everything but Espresso

Professional Barista's Handbook

One serious, practical book with all the relevant information you need to make great coffee. If you only want one book, this is the one to buy.

Scott Rao book: Everything but Espresso

Everything but Espresso

This book will improve your skills in all the other ways you can make coffee: drip, pour over, press pot, steeping and vacuum pot.

Scott Rao book: Coffee Roaster's Companion

Coffee Roaster's Companion

You'll have trouble finding a roaster who doesn't know about Scott Rao. Clearly enough written so that even if you're not planning on roasting, you'll learn a tremendous amount.

Bundles of books

All 3 Scott Rao books

All 3 Scott Rao Books

Everything in print from Scott Rao. Buy them all, be enlightened and save money.

All four books about coffee

All four books about coffee

Buy everything, be enlightened and save even more money.

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