The Best Classic Milk Thermometer

Available individually or as part of a kit:

Milk Thermometer

The best way to achieve perfect milk temperature and make luxurious foam. Only available in Fahrenheit.

Barista Kit

Our best-selling products in one suitcase. Designed by coffee guru Scott Rao and 23 top baristas. Everything for amazing espresso.

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Why buy our classic milk thermometer?

Designed for Coffee

Our classic thermometer was designed to help you steam milk to the perfect temperature, as well as to help you achieve glossy, creamy microfoam.

The Foaming Secret

Experts know to stop foaming at 40°C/104°F and then plunge the steam wand until the final milk temperature is reached. Achieve this now with ease.

Out of the way

The clip shape holds the display aside the milk jug, thermoprobe centered. The temperature face doesn't obstruct your view of the frothing surface.


Waterproof, steamproof and shock resistant thanks to its silicone sleeve.

European and American

Two versions available: Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Two clip styles

We give you two different clips that hold the thermometer in different ways. Pick your favorite.

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