Scales for Coffee

simple scale

Simple scale

A simple 0.1g accurate ultra compact scale, suitable for weighing your coffee dose, your espresso while it's being made, and more. Decigram accurate, 2kg max, and vibration isolated. 1.4cm x 10cm x 14cm. This scale does not have a timer.

coffee scale basket

Brewista Smart Scale II

The most advanced professional barista scale. Self-taring when a vessel is left for 2 secs. Self-starting espresso shot timer. Waterproof, decigram accurate, and vibration isolated. Ultra compact: 1.4cm x 10cm x 14cm. Rechargeable via USB plug. Can be used continually when plugged in.

Bluetooth Scales for Apps

bluetooth scale

Skale II

Bluetooth capable scale with 0.1 gram accuracy. LCD weight display. iPhone/Android compatible, BLE4, 0.1 gram (decigram) accurate, 2kg max, open API. Includes weighing and pour-over apps for both iPhone and Android. Can also operate as a scale without a bluetooth app. Can be set to grams or ounces via bluetooth.

decent scale

Decent Scale

All purpose digital coffee scale. 0.1 gram accurate, 2kg max. Works both with and without bluetooth. Built in timer. BLE4, iPhone/Android compatible, open API. Two LCDs: one for weight, and one for the seconds timer. Very water resistant. Innovative low noise design. Sized for weighing two cups at once.
Coming in 2017.

All our bluetooth scales use the same bluetooth command set, and are thus compatible with each other.

We run a discussion forum for programmers working with our bluetooth scales.
Technical documentation is also available there.

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