Scales for Coffee

simple scale

Simple scale

A simple 0.1g accurate ultra compact scale, suitable for weighing your coffee dose, your espresso while it's being made, and more. Decigram accurate, 2kg max, and vibration isolated. 1.4cm x 10cm x 14cm. This scale does not have a timer. You can set or disable the automatic power-off. English Manual.

coffee scale basket

Brewista Smart Scale II

An espresso scale with advanced features. Self-taring when a vessel is left for 2 secs. Self-starting espresso shot timer. Waterproof, decigram accurate, and vibration isolated. Ultra compact: 1.4cm x 10cm x 14cm. Rechargeable via USB plug. Can be used continually when plugged in.

BLE Scales for Apps

BLE scale

Skale 2

BLE app capable scale with 0.1 gram accuracy. LCD weight display. iPhone/Android compatible, 2kg max, open API. Includes weighing and pour-over apps for both iPhone and Android. Can also operate as a scale without an app connection. Can be set to grams or ounces via app connection.

decent scale

Decent Scale

An all purpose digital scale. 0.1 gram accurate, 2kg max. Works both with and without an app connection. Built in timer. BLE, iPhone/Android compatible, open API. Two LCDs: one for weight, and one for the seconds timer. Very water resistant. Innovative low noise design. Sized for weighing two cups at once. Four AA batteries for long life. Optionally plugged in via USB. Coming in 2018. English Manual.

BLE scale

A BLE scale for your ideas

We'll work with you to embed our scale directly into your product. Our scale can be used anywhere BLE, an open API, 0.1 gram accuracy, and water resistance are needed. A magician in Hungary made a 'magic table' that divines the next card on the deck. A Canadian startup help salons mix hair die colors with their app. How could you use our scale?

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All our BLE scales use the same command set, and are thus compatible with each other.

We run a Basecamp web forum for programmers working with our scales.
Technical documentation is also available there.

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The Story Behind the Decent Scale

Skale 1 was created and made in Taiwan by Atomax, a very small company making their living doing contract based product design. They wanted to write their own app to help people make better pour-over coffee. Unfortunately, they couldn't write such an app with any existing scale, so they made their own. It was much more of a project-for-love than a great business idea.

Skale 1 was really nicely engineered, featured a striking design and came with a great API for iPhone and Android.

Unfortunately, while Atomax was great at the technical aspects, they were not as good at marketing, and very few people learnt of this scale. It was 0.1g accurate, very fast, had a good BLE implementation, and included two coffee apps (pictured below). It had no display and therefore needed to be connected to a phone or tablet.

After they sold out 1000 Skales they dropped the pour-over coffee scale idea. Atomax made a new design called Skale 2, rethought the shape and wrote a weighing app for cake baking.

For Skale 2, BLE was further improved, a USB charging plug was added, and significantly: a weight LCD appeared so you could use the scale without connecting to a phone or tablet.

We at Decent Espresso met Atomax when they were still making their Skale 1. We had ideas for our own scale and wanted to find someone to help those ideas become reality. Since they had already done much of the work, we hired Atomax to make the Decent Scale, based on the internals of the Skale 2, but with changes directed by us.

A seamless plastic "hat" now covers the entire scale, providing excellent water resistance. The shape was changed to hold two coffee cups, and a timer was added. The user-interface was rewritten to make the scale work well without being connected to a phone or tablet. The batteries were upgraded to 4xAA for longer scale life. The BLE API was expanded, a developer community created and we're now funding University computer science classes writing to write free and open apps for the scale.

That's how the Decent Scale came to be.

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