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What's in the box

The espresso machine

Its small size conceals its tremendous power. Dimensions: 36cm x 32 cm x 22cm.

Android tablet

Bright Samsung LCD screen. 1280x800 resolution. 8 inch screen. Customized and unlocked Android 5.1 operating system. Preloaded with our software. Comes already BLE paired to your espresso machine. Note: you can use your own Android tablet, as long as it is running Android 5.1 or newer. The tablet software can be downloaded from our web site.



Custom made travel suitcase. Includes formed, spandex-covered foam to safely hold each component. Four wheels. Telescoping handle. Every component fits inside. Dimensions: 32cm x 33cm x 65cm.

Power cable

A heavy-duty AWG14 power cable using the IEC cable standard. We will include the appropriate cable for your destination country. We stock cables with ends for USA, EU, Switzerland, Australia, Israel. Please contact us if you have a special cabling need.

Drip tray

Made from high temperature fired food-grade porcelain.

Drip tray cover

Cast from food-grade aluminum and then electroplated.

Bottomless portafilter

Polished solid stainless head. The handle is made from hand-turned and then stained ash wood.

18g basket

Competition grade coffee filter basket.

Black steelie stand

Custom made, black, all metal, magnetic tablet stand.

Blank basket for cleaning

Made from stainless steel. Used when running the cleaning cycle with an espresso machine detergent such as Cafiza.

USB tablet charging cable

Custom made, with a nylon woven sheath.

Group head handle

Hand-turned, stained and made from bubinga wood. To help you tighten the portafilter without straining yourself. Can be removed if you prefer not to use it.

Porcelain water tank

Made from high temperature fired food-grade porcelain.

Easily slides forward on rails for refilling.