Weighing Doser

This kit replaces the portafilter stand on your grinder, so that you can now weigh coffee as you grind. If you already own a grinder that you think will work with our doser, then we give you the option of buying just this part. Included in the kit is our X, Y, Z axis adjustable stand, our simple scale, and our portafilter stand.

Please note that we do not own or test other companies' grinders, so we are unable to tell you if your grinder will definitely work with our doser. If you do find that our doser worked for you, please contact us so that we can let others know as well.

Dead simple

Replaces your built-in portafilter stand with a stand-on-a-scale.

Better coffee

Precisely weighed doses are the easiest way to improve your coffee consistency.


Works with most Mazzer grinders (Robur, Super Jolly, Kony) and Super Caimano grinders.

Contact us to discuss whether the Doser will work with your grinder.

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