Buy a Decent Espresso Machine


With an espresso machine, you'll also need...


Our professional grade espresso coffee grinder comes integrated with our Doser. The only professional grinder now shipping with real-time weighing.

Additional Portafilters

A bottomless portafilter is included with your espresso machine. However, you might want a double-spouted portafilter for making two drinks at a time.

Barista Kit

Our best-selling products in one suitcase. Designed by coffee guru Scott Rao and 23 top baristas. Everything for amazing espresso. Please indicate what tamper type you want in your notes when you check out.

The Decent Tamper

Our innovative, 25lbs calibrated, perfectly fitting espresso tamper.


An essential tool for removing your spent coffee puck after making an espresso shot.

Authoritative Books

The complete body of knowledge from Scott Rao, one of the world's top coffee expert.