DE1PRO+ : the option for heavier use

This extra cost option lets you plumb your machine, makes espressos faster, and upgrades the internals for longer life.

Note: for cafes who experience constant use we recommend our DE1CAFE.

Commercial Use

We've upgraded the internal components and cooling systems so that you can make thousands of shots, with rock solid consistency and reliability.

Water Mains Plumbable

Connect directly to a pressurized water supply with the included plumbing kit.

Centralized Water Tank

The included Catering Kit draws water from a centralized water tank, keeping your espresso machine's heated water tank topped up.

Long Life

Our 'Professional use' models are rated to 200,000 shots, whereas our normal models are only rated to 10,000 shots.


Our espresso machine weight is only 30lbs (13kg), making it much more suitable for catering jobs. A form-fitted, padded and wheeled suitcase is also available.

Higher steam power

The 220V version has 50% greater steam power than the DE1. You can steam immediately after the espresso shot finishes.

Highly Automated

With automatic "end of pre-infusion" detection, volumetric dosing, and flow profiling, your espresso will be world class with no supervision. Your staff can spend the time getting to know their customers.

Second Screen

HDMI output and chromecast support means you can show your clients the high technology behind their espressos as they're made.

Business Features


You can inexpensively add machines to your lineup, increasing your capacity without the huge initial investment that traditional multigroup espresso machines demand.

Worldwide support

We sell to and support our customers directly. Any problems? You're talking to the manufacturer and we will make it right.

Happiness Guaranteed

We stand by our professional customers and will expedite replacements to you if you should ever have any reliability problems.

Training Videos

Our tablet includes an extensive collection of training videos. Our intelligent software notices common barista mistakes and suggests short videos to educate your employee and correct the problem.

You're Less Vulnerable

When you buy a traditional multiple group machine, if it breaks you are out of commission. Multiple single group cost significantly less than a multi-group machine, and each machine is totally self contained. One machine down means you can still run your business.