DE1CAFE: advanced technology for high volume cafes


Instant on espresso, steam and hot water. Tablet programs for single-touch Americanos. Many user interface improvements for faster operation.

Steam power

Ultra high power steam: 15 seconds to heat a 200ml drink).

Optional foot pedals

Control steam, espresso and hot water with a click of a foot pedal. Enables tablet-free use (stow the tablet away, if you prefer). Available in 1, 2 and 3 pedal configurations.

Hot swappable

If one of your DE1CAFE were to stop working, you simply pull it out of the counter and mail it to us (or use a local repair service) to have it fixed. If you have a spare machine, just fill-in the gap..

If not, your business can still keep serving coffee to clients with the remaining machine(s).


Each machine is totally independent, so that you can add group heads as you need them. Unlike traditional multigroup espresso machines, one group head failure will not bring your business to a halt.

Custom designed steam wand

Extends beyond the countertop for easy insertion of a milk jug. Works well with even 1 liter milk jugs. Steam wand can be positioned by you for optional hands-free steaming.

Built in

A rectangular hole in your counter accepts our bracket, into which the DE1CAFE sits. Extremely clean, strikingly modern design.

Low profile

Only 22cm (9 inches) tall without the tablet, 32cm (13 inches) with the tablet. Promotes conversation between the customer and your barista.

220V only

Automatically works with both 50Hz and 60Hz electrical standards.

No cables

All plumbing and electrical connections are hidden. The rear panel pivots open for easy hookup and maintenance.

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Plumbed water

Works both with pressurized and with unpressurized water sources. Stainless steel drip tray hooks up to drains.

Heavy Duty

Dual pumps with ceramic parts, valves use ruby for their seals, and higher wattage heaters are installed. Rated for 500 espresso shots per day.

Includes everything great from the DE1, DE1+ and DE1PRO

The best espresso in the business, with pressure and flow profiling, highly accurate water temperature and more.

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